CSB² after-sales solutions, the proffessional quality at your fingertips

With more than 25 years of experience we are your partner for technical maintenance, the replamcent of all filters and maintenance of the walls and gratings of your spray booth, regardless of the brand or the age of the installation.
Proper and frequent maintenance will improve the quality of the spray booth and the paintwork and offer the best guarantee for a healthy working environment.

CSB² has developed various maintenance formulas, in which we offer our customers a wide range of products and services:


  • Technical assistance

  • Periodic / annual maintenance contracts

  • Filtration - delivery, installation, solutions for filterproblems

  • Multi-brands service

  • Normative advices 

  • Technological evolutions – upgradings
  • Interventions and resolution of faults and defects

  • Burner maintenance

  • Equipments transfers
  • Spare parts


CSB² understands the importance of your painting installation. So we always have a team ready to help you. Your paint booth is broken, a defect occurs, you need burner maintenance or another problem arises? 

Contact our after-sales service

tel:  09 272 76 78


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